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  •   Dr. Larson and Lety have been the best thing to happen to me since I returned to Austin. The doctor spent 3.5 hours with me on my intake, and keeps in touch constantly. There's no question he won't help with, and he and Lety make quite a team. They're always going 100 miles past above and beyond. They put me in touch with specialists, book appointments for me, respond to texts about new injuries or concerns, and are usually available day-of to sit down if I need a face-to-face. They're smart, practical, and determined to work the whole picture and find you the best solution. I'll never go anywhere else.

    So you understand, AOFM is OUTSIDE the insurance system. You can use your insurance for the specialists you need, if necessary, but he is a subscription service. No bonuses for putting us on drugs we don't need, 100% just him and his team taking the best care of you. It's made the world of difference.

    thumb Rose H.
  •   Just got back from my new patient consultation. Best doctor I've found in ages. I am glad I found him while he's still accepting new patients.

    thumb Joshua Z.
  •   No more having re-introduce ourselves to my "primary care physician" because now my husband and I have a "personal doctor" - kinda like on Little House on the Prairie.  He took time to get to know us, even our sense of humor...when we both got sick, he proactively checked in on us...when we had an urgent issue on a weekend, he called in a prescription the same day.  Plus (yes, it can get better!) he considers the root cause and not just the symptoms.  

    I have NEVER had such a good experience in my 25+ years of having health insurance across multiple states and various models.  Love, love, love being a human being and NOT a cog in the medical machine.  Thanks to Dr. Larson and his Medical Assistant Zerah, our medical conditions don't feel like the heavy burden we once thought we'd have to carry forever.  Ahhhhh, you can't put a price on this kind of relief.

    thumb Sara R.
  •   I went to see Dr. Larson after becoming very sick and being newly diagnosed with a chronic illness.

    Before meeting Dr. Larson:  
    I am sad to say that I had not received much support and direction other than my diagnosis from the previous Doctors and specialist's I had been in contact with. As a result, I was attempting to manage my symptoms on my own. As a patient with little knowledge about my diagnosis this felt scary and overwhelming for me. On top of that, I was having a lot of pain and discomfort and was not really seeing much progress in my overall health and well being even with daily medication. I was feeling overwhelmed and under informed about my situation and condition.  

    Why Dr. Larson:
    Dr. Larson was recommended to me by a family friend and I was intrigued by his approach to holistic health and service model.  During my initial intake Dr. Larson sat with me and really listened to me. He took his time getting to know me and my story. For the first time since being diagnosed I felt heard.

    Benefits of Osteopathic Approach:
    My insurance did not cover the cost of my medication. Which meant that I would be responsible for the nearly $500 monthly medication bill. Dr. Larson and his staff found a scholarship program that I was eligible for and helped me get the documentation together to apply for the plan. They also submitted paper work and information on their end with no additional cost to me. I am sincerely grateful to report that I my application was accepted and that I am receiving my medication free of charge (over 6000 in annual savings!!!). The money I saved on my medication expenses alone far outweigh the monthly cost of membership fees I am paying for.

    I have also utilized osteopathic treatments from Dr. Larson when I am experiencing a flare up of symptoms.

    In addition, Dr. Larson has guided me through some  necessary dietary changes and has helped me add some natural supplements to my daily routine that have helped me remain symptom free.

    I highly recommend Dr. Larson and his team!

    thumb Lindsey B.
  •   We have been so grateful for Dr Larson. We can or recommend this amazing clinic enough.

    To give just one example, of many, one day we needed to take our daughter to the hospital and the doctor followed up more than once during the following days to ask about her. Incredibly thoughtful

    thumb Kj P.

What's Incuded?

All our fantastic primary care services PLUS discounts on two images per year at radiology centers in the Central TX area. An "image" may include an X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT with or without contrast, or an MRI with or without contrast.

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Our discounted image rates are as follows:

-  X-Ray: $0
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