Company Plans & Pricing

Prices are per employee per month. See details pages for services.


On-site Onboarding

Services include basic vitals, review of medical history, and review of medications. This service begins the patient-doctor relationship that will continue in a virtual environment.

$25 per employee

Skinny Insurance Plan or MEC

Satisfies ACA Individual Mandate, Removes Employer “Sledgehammer” Penalty, Preventive Services Covered at 100%.

$130+ per employee/mo.

Pricing FAQs

What's the length of the commitment?
For employers with fewer than 50 employees your commitment is month-to-month.  For employers with greater than 50 employees the commitment will be similar to what you have on your insurance plan.
If we have Virtual DPC, should we purchase the Onsite Onboarding?
We suggest Onsite Onboarding of employees that will be virtual clients. We have found that the utilization of the service increases dramatically when the employee/dependent is offered the opportunity to meet their doctor in person and to establish a relationship before they require service in a virtual environment.
Is there a minimum number of employees that are required for Onsite Onboarding?
There is only a minimum fee of $1,000 for Onsite Onboarding. If your location requires travel greater than 30 minutes, there may be travel expenses that will need to be reimbursed.
Is there a minimum number of employees that are required to get employer based pricing?
You must have a minimum of 10 employees on the plan each individual month for employer-based pricing. Otherwise, the pricing reverts to individual pricing.


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