Direct Primary Care For Individuals & Families

A New Kind of Healthcare

What is Direct Primary Care?

(DPC) Direct Primary Care for individuals is affordable, high-quality healthcare that doesn’t require health insurance.  Think of everything you expect from a primary family doctor but with easy and convenient access and little or no waiting.  Additionally, at Euphora Health you’ll get longer, more complete visits so your doctor can get to know you and effectively help you manage your healthcare needs.  You and your doctor can decide what treatments are best for you without insurance company limitations.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care from Euphora Health

Same / Next Day Appointments

We believe it’s important for you to see your doctor when you need to and have a doctor that knows you and all your medical needs.
60-minute initial visit
30-minute follow-up visits

For acute issues after the initial consultation

A doctor who knows you!

One Low Monthly Fee

Quality healthcare should be affordable. At Euphora Health, for one simple and affordable monthly fee you get:
No co-pay visits
No-cost / low-cost labs
No-cost / low-cost procedures
No-cost / low-cost medications

24/7 Access to Your Doctor

Often an office visit isn’t required to solve your health problem. At Euphora Health, we also offer Virtual DPC so you can communicate with your doctor 24/7:
Via phone
Via email
Via text
Via video conference
At Euphora Health we’re always by your side!
When emergencies happen or if surgeries, hospital stays or specialists are needed, we are with you. We consult with other doctors and surgeons to make sure you’re taken care of.  Although the costs of most of these special services are not included in our Direct Primary Care plan, we can guide you to more affordable solutions and help you find appropriate quality care. You can learn more about major medical care coverage solutions here.

When it comes to specialists we have a network of top-specialists we consult at no additional cost.  If a visit to a specialist is needed we can help you find one at a location convenient to you. You can learn more about how we work with specialists here.  If out-patient surgery is needed we can help provide you with high-quality cost-effective solutions.

What's Incuded?

All our fantastic primary care services PLUS discounts on two images per year at radiology centers in the Central TX area. An "image" may include an X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT with or without contrast, or an MRI with or without contrast.

What are the costs?

Our discounted image rates are as follows:

-  X-Ray: $0
-  Ultrasound $30
-  CT ($90), with contrast ($160)
-  MRI ($210), with contrast ($320).