Virtual Direct Primary Care For Employers

Reduced Costs. Reduced Absenteeism. Healthier Employees to Boot.

The Benefits of Virtual Direct Primary Care for Employers

Improve your bottom line and provide enhanced primary care by providing your employees with Virtual Direct Primary Care (DPC), a technology-enabled concierge doctor that can help even while your employees are at work. Ideal for companies that have remote offices or virtual employees, too!


Lower costs

Every virtual visit with the doctor is covered in one predictable monthly fee and there are no co-pays for the employee. Virtual DPC is included in our Full DPC plans. See pricing.


24/7 Access to Physician

Video Conference


Less Absenteeism

The convenience of virtual DPC means employees won’t spend hours away from work visiting the doctor and will more readily seek a doctor’s advice, reducing absenteeism due to sickness.

Cost-effective Chronic Disease Management with Virtual DPC

A patient can be seen by virtual DPC for acute issues as well as for chronic issues—and controlling chronic issues is where an employer will see the greatest return on investment.  It’s especially useful for managing chronic health issues like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, asthma and even cardiovascular disease.

CASE STUDY:  A 63-year-old female with type 2 diabetes presented with blood sugar levels in the 320’s. Over the course of 4 months through 11 virtual DPC visits,  medication and dietary changes were made resulting in a significantly lower average blood surgar level in the 130’s.

Not only were healthcare claims reduced with Virtual DPC compared to traditional health insurance, there were no co-pays, saving the employee $220.00 (based on a $20 co-pay x 11) and saving missed hours at work. Additionally, because of the successful treatment, she can remain a healthy productive employee in the long run.

If labs are required, they can be done conveniently at a lab close to work or home.


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