The search for healthcare options that fit our lifestyle and desires often feels elusive – like finding the solution is just out of reach. Want affordability? Then you’ll have to sacrifice accessibility. Want a custom, tailored plan? Then you’ll have to say goodbye to affordability. We know that healthcare isn’t one-size-fits-all, but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing what’s important to you.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an option that can take the pieces you want, and put them together to give you customized, quality, affordable, and accessible care. When it comes to your primary care, DPC has many appealing aspects that can give you the healthcare solution you’ve been searching for.

Wondering who DPC is for? We think it can be a great fit for everyone. At Euphora Health, we serve a wide variety of patients – male and female, from birth until death, ranging from all different socioeconomic statuses.

Here are four questions to ask yourself to determine if DPC is right for you:

Do you want a trusted relationship with the same doctor, for all of your common needs?

One of the greatest benefits of using Euphora Health is that you get to build a trusted relationship with your doctor. You get access to the same doctor, every time. Your doctor will be your main point of contact – not a switchboard or automated call center, or the on call physician. Your doctor will truly be your doctor, which means he/she will be familiar with your history, preferences, healthcare plan, and specific healthcare needs.

Is easily accessible healthcare important to you?

On vacation? At home? At work? Out and about? No problem with DPC. Because of the flexibility of direct primary care, you can reach your doctor in a variety of ways – phone calls, texts, emails, face-to-face visits and video calls. DPC is accessible for suburban, urban and rural patients because of the easy access to your doctor.
We had a patient not long ago who was on a ski trip in Colorado, and didn’t want to cut the trip short or visit an urgent care facility for a sore throat – he called Euphora Health, sent pictures and details about the condition, and was able to pick up a prescription at a local pharmacy – with no interruption to his trip.

Do you care about the affordability of your healthcare + treatments?

With Euphora Health, plans start as low as $39 per month. This gives you the full scope of services, including basic procedures and tests, 24 hour access to your doctor, and virtual healthcare services. In addition to the low monthly subscription, a benefit of using Euphora Health is our insider access to the healthcare world. We can be your guide to finding the most affordable and cost-effective solutions when it comes to surgeries, specialists, procedures, medications, and more.

Does having a custom healthcare plan that is tailored to your lifestyle matter to you?

Do you prefer to jump straight to a prescription pill or medical intervention? Do you prefer lifestyle and diet changes to deal with your condition? Are you leaning toward a more natural, non-medically invasive plan to care for your family? At Euphora Health, we can tailor your healthcare plan to fit your needs, values and preferences.  Because you have the same dedicated doctor who can spend more time listening and understanding your needs, you can work your healthcare into your lifestyle – and not the other way around.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, DPC would be a great solution for your primary care needs. We’d love to set up a consultation with you to chat more about why Euphora Health is the right fit for you and your family.