At Euphora Health, we watch people’s faces light up almost every day when they experience the future of healthcare. We’re not exaggerating when we say that our clients are consistently surprised, delighted, and impressed with Direct Primary Care. From cost savings to convenience, time savings to health insights, the DPC difference is clear to our clients.

Here are just a few of the stories that keep us going and make us proud to be a part of the DPC revolution.

Convenience and Health Insight — Lulu A.’s Story 

I joined Euphora Health in April, and have had a wonderful experience so far. Dr. Larson and Zerah are available all the time via the Spruce app, and I was able to schedule my annual physical with ease, at a time that worked for me (within one week of when I contacted them!). 

Direct Primary Care reviews

I am very in tune with my health and Dr. Larson really spent the time to listen to me walk through my personal health history. He had some valuable insights regarding my holistic healthcare needs.

I feel as though Euphora Health serves as an excellent model for the right relationship between a patient and a primary care physician. Dr. Larson leverages technology to save time and make communication more efficient, cutting out the fluff. A specific example was when I was traveling for three weeks straight, and I had a skin irritation. I texted a picture to Dr. Larson on the Spruce app, and he called in a script for me that day to a pharmacy in NYC. This saved me the cost of going to a clinic while traveling and the time of getting that appointment.

A Person, Not a Patient — Monica N.

Dr. Larson and his staff have my highest recommendation. After moving to Austin, I had to find a new doctor after having had the same doctor for 22 years. I visited quite a few because of some chronic health conditions that require maintenance medications but never felt like my care was important. That all changed on my first visit to Dr. Larson. It was the connection I was looking for.

His compassion after a diagnosis of food poisoning was unsurpassed. His ability to give me IV fluids in the office saved me an unnecessary trip to the ER and I’m certain large medical bills. I lost count of the number of times he came in to check on me and to assure me I would feel better soon. He was so right and I have been a patient ever since.

When speaking with Dr. Larson, I am presented with treatment and care options which allow me to decide for myself what would work best for me and my lifestyle—instead of just being told what to do. When going to the office, wait times aren’t an issue. If you make an in-person appointment, you are greeted by the friendly and highly competent staff and then shown to a room and within minutes the doctor is in to see you. If an in-person appointment isn’t possible with your schedule, then I appreciate the ease and convenience of emailing, texting, and telecommunicating. This is especially helpful when an unexpected ailment arises. Dr. Larson was able to diagnose and order prescriptions and I never even had to leave work.

No doubt, I have saved time and money as his office offers many services that I would sometimes have to go to other places to receive. Above all else, my care is delivered with kindness and compassion. At Euphora Health, I am treated as a person, not a patient.

Thorough and Thoughtful — Jim S.

Dr. Larson is kind, he has a great sense of humor and he’s a great listener. He does his best to set you at ease. In my experience, talking about your health is difficult. Having somebody you can trust to have your best interest in mind is very valuable to me.

The first time I saw Dr. Larson I was at a low point. I had been having an issue that had not been addressed properly after seeing several specialists. I am a business owner and my life is very stressful. (By the way, I use his business plan and love it!) I had given up a lot of hope the situation would improve. Dr. Larson was so cool and calm, and spent more time with me than previous doctors. After our first visit I knew he would be able to help – he did, and he has. He takes the time to understand each patient’s unique health concerns.

I have been able to enjoy so many experiences with family that I believe I would’ve missed out on if I hadn’t found Euphora Health. The thorough and thoughtful care I receive has improved my quality of life.