It’s easy to rattle off statistics about how Direct Primary Care can save you money. But the best way to really illustrate how those savings occur is to give you a real-life example.

A pregnant patient recently reached out to me, asking about medication for morning sickness. This was her second pregnancy and, just like with her first, nausea was getting the best of her. She had previously taken a medication called Diclegis that worked well for her and she was interested in getting another prescription for it. She has an OB/GYN that is monitoring her pregnancy but her next appointment was a month away, and she needed relief NOW.

The issue she was facing was one of cost. During her previous pregnancy, her insurance covered the cost of the medication, which left her to pay roughly $20 per month. This time around, she was no longer enrolled in that insurance plan, opting instead to be a part of a health share. That means that she has to cover the entire cost of the medication out of pocket…. which is currently around $860 for a one-month prescription.

Take that in for a minute. Eight hundred and sixty DOLLARS. For one month of medication.

So how do I remedy this situation? Instead of prescribing an incredibly expensive medication, I advised this patient to instead try a combination of Unisom and Vitamin B6; two OTC medications that can be obtained at any drugstore and that mirror the active ingredients in Diclegis. The cost of these two medications for a month supply? Around $20, which would be an out-of-pocket savings of over $800! The savings from one month alone will cover the entire cost (and then some) of a year with our Direct Primary Care clinic.

Having the time to dedicate to my patients’ individual needs gives me the ability to find unique and personalized solutions to any issue that arises. Stay tuned for more stories from the trenches!

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