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How and Why Does Direct Primary Care Work?

Direct Primary Care doctors have changed the total number of patients that they see. This is a win for both the patient and the doctor, enabling patients better access to their doctor and enabling doctors to cut out the big insurance companies endless red tape that takes up valuable patient time AND money.

With Direct Primary Care, fewer patients have to compete for a doctor’s time, which means that you can be seen by your personal doctor for an acute health issue with a same-day or next-day appointment.

With direct primary care, there is no waiting past your scheduled visit time to see your physician. We respect your time just like you respect ours. As well, by reducing the time-and-money-consuming demands of big insurance companies, your physician is able to set aside time each day to return your emails, to teleconference with you, and to discuss your lab results with you.

Euphora Health is a Direct Primary Care provider because we believe that you should receive high-quality health care at a time that is convenient for you – provided by a staff of medical professionals who know you and who care for your well being. We are advocates for your health – both with you and for you.

Did You Know that Direct Primary Care Providers Get Much Better Rates on Medical Liability Insurance?

That's because studies have shown that Direct Primary Care Doctors do such a great job that they are less of a risk when it comes to liability.



 Here Are Just a Few Ways that Euphora Health’s Direct Primary Care Benefits Individuals:

1. We Use the Latest Technology

We leverage technology to maximize accessibility. You can communicate with your doctor by text, phone, email or video conference in addition to your in-office visits.

 2. You’ll Save Money

There are no co-pays or deductibles with Direct Primary Care. Plus, you’ll save money on labs and medications.

3. DPC is Patient-focused

You get better control over your health care because you have a direct relationship with your physician without the interference of an insurance company.

4. No Rushing

In many insurance based practices, doctors rush in and out in under 7 minutes. With DPC, you get 90 minutes the first visit and 30 minutes for each follow-up so you and your doctor can find the RIGHT  solution together.

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